Saturday, June 28, 2014

My latest purchase :)

I am soooo happy to say I was finally able to get the Cricut Explore!!! :)
Cricut has REALLY outdone themselves with this is so much more advanced than the others and I am thrilled with it so far! It's as if they took the best features of all of their machines and the gypsy linked cartridges and combined them into one and then added much, much more! It has been so easy to walks you through each and every step of making one of their predesigned projects and makes it simple to link your gypsy cartridges and other Cricut cartridges to the Design space. I made my first card and it was amazing to watch how the machine works. It scores, cuts, and writes so easily and precisely without having to stop and change them because it has TWO holders! You can even cut out your own handwriting which is comparable to the Brother Scan 'N Cut!!!
The machine is also very quiet which is a plus if you are a late night crafter with a sleeping baby like I am! haha! :) The only downside that I have found is that is only connects to Design Space with Wifi. I go to many crops that have no internet access available so that would make it impossible to use at those places.
Hope this helps any of you who are on the fence about
 buying one decide whether or not it is right for you!

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  1. Congrats on getting your Explore. I am touching base with you because of your comment re: it only works wifi umm it is''t wifi I thought it would be too but you still need to have it plugged in and then just use the plug to put it into your laptop or computer I did get the blue tooth adapter but my was an add on and it doesn't work so I just plug like originally my Explore with the USB cord into my you'll still be able to use it wherever you go just has to be plugged into your computer but again it isn't wifi it needs to be plugged as it doesn't have a battery like my laptop which is wifi

    Have fun with your Explore I so love mine too.